The Race Aganist The Stasi, Herbie Sykes (2014)

Arum Press, Quarto 399 pp 9781781313084 £18.99

A gripping account of one man's cycle race across the cold war's battlefields


In The City Of Bikes, Pete Jordan (2013)

A compelling history of cycling in Amsterdam laced with the author's own decade in the city


Lost Lanes, Jack Thurston (2013)

An irresistibly evocative guide to cycle touring in southern England


The Bluffer's Guide To Cycling, Rob Ainsley (2013)

A diminutive novelty that's on the money


Made In England, Matthew Souter and Ricky Feather, photo Kayti Peschke (2012)

A lavish, coffee-table celebration of handbuilt bicycle manufacture



The Obree Way, Graeme Obree (undated, 2012)

Maximise Marketing 20cm x 30cm, 152pp £30

The maverick Scotsman shares his secrets


Pastoral Pedals, Pints and People, John Dennis (1990)

A Bishop surveys his East Anglian see by bike


Hellingen, A Road Cyclist's Guide To Belgium's Greatest Cycling Climbs, Simon Warren (2013)

The high points of the Low Countries - who knew?



Biking Through The Hoods, Paul F Pinsky (2010)

An engaging exploration of urban America


Consumed, Jonathan Budds (2012), Quarto 293 pp, £6.29 Kindle Version £2.63

A well-written and thought proking entertainment


Life And Other Punctures, Eleanor Bron (1978)

Sixties siren makes merry on a Moulton


Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure, Tim Burton (1985)

Revealed: a kiddie flick's role in the conspiracy to denigrate cycling


The Adventure Of The Solitary Cyclist, Arthur Conan Doyle (1903)

A frightened pedal-pusher is the beneficiary of Sherlock Holmes' forensic skills


Classic Cycle Routes Of Europe, Werner Müller-Schell (2012)

Routes guides based on the professional peloton's fixtures


Holywood Rides A Bike, Steven Rea (2012)

Tinsel town's talent take to two wheels


BMX Bandits, Brian Trencahrd-Smith (1983)

A children's bublegum caper film with two-wheeled action in nearly every frame


Bike! A Tribute To The World's Greatest Cycling Designers, ed Richard Moore and Daniel Benson (2012)

A stocking-filler to delight the MAMIL* in your life


A Day Out, Alan Bennett (1972)

Edwardian West Riding wheelers escape Halifax for the day in an enjoyable television drama


Merckx 525 (2012)

An extraordinarily lavish celebration of the Canibal


1957 Flying Scot, Rab Wilson and Ben Bryden (2012)

An evocation of the golden age of hand-built bikes in poetry and jazz


The Secret Race, Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle (2012)

An explosive page-turner from the heart of the peloton


On My Own Two Wheels, Malachi O'Doherty (2012)

A northern Irish writer rediscovers his bicycle and recaptures his joie de vivre


The Unknown Cyclist, Bernard Saltzman (1989)

A bike ride to raise awareness of Aids is the backdrop for a film about one of the 1980s most tragic issues


Le Mistons, Francois Truffaut (1957)

A deeply affecting slice of adolescent life in 1950s Provence


Bicycle, Ugo Gattoni (2012)

A fold-out illustration that imagines a surrealist attack on London being met by an overwhelming throng of cyclists


The Kid With A Bike, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne (2011)

Alternatly chaming and disturbing, this art-house film features a bike as the familiar metaphoric vehicle of youth and freedom


The Art Of Camping, Matthew De Abaitua (2011)

An entertaining medition on the history and meaning of sleeping out


The Full Cycle, Vin Denson with Adrian Bell (2008)

Adventures of a talented and likeable English sportsman who broke into the extraordinary world of professional Continental cycling


Cyclorama, Jim McGurn and Mick Allan (2012)

A lively mixed bag of bikes and features on cycling


Know The Game Cycling (1964)

A publishing phenomenon of yesteryear


Riis: Shades Of Light And Dark, Bjarne Riis (2012)

The doping Dane's plea in mitigation


Great Road Climbs Of The Pyrenees, Graham Fife (2008)

Lavish homage and cyclists' tour guide to the Aubisque, Marie Blanque, Tourmalet, Peysorade and much, much more


Great Road Climbs Of The Southern Alps, Graham Fife (2010)

De La Bonette, Ventoux, Izoard, Pra Loup and their envions rendered in lusturous detail


Great Road Climbs Of The Northern Alps, Graham Fife (2012)

A mountain worshipper's guide to the Télégraphe, Galibier, Gladon, Croix de Fer and Alpe d'Huez


The Story of the Giro d'Italia, volume 1, Bill and Carol McGann (2012)

A compelling year-by-year account of Italy's grand tour


The Story of the Giro d'Italia, volume 2, Bill and Carol McGann (2012)

A compelling year-by-year account of Italy's grand tour


It's All Downhill, David Ward (2011)

An enjoyable novel with based on a mass participation endurance cycle ride


Ten Poems About Bicycles (2011)

A small, but perfectly formed selection


Downhills Are Your Friends, Stuart Pickering (2012)

An aspirant MAMIL's guide to lycra, lactic acid and everything


Inside The Peloton, Nicolas Roche with Gerard Cromwell (2012)

Transworld Ireland 781848271104
382 pp plus index quarto £14.99

An honest, highly readable and extraordinarily detailed account of a career cyclist's life


Pedal Power, How Boris Failed London's Cyclists, Sonia Purnell (2012)

A meticulous demolition of any claim that Boris Johnson has on the cyclists' vote


The Natural Explorer, Tristan Gooley (2012)

An enthusiastic call to discover that which is around us that is best enjoyed in small bites


Merckx: Half Man Half Bike, William Fotheringham (2012)

An enjoyable biography of the greatest rider that is, nevertheless, not in quite the league of its subject


Greece on My Wheels. Edward Enfield (2003)

An affectionate and humorous account of a tour of the Peloponnese and the Ionian coast of mainland Greece by Harry Enfield's dad


How Cav Won The Green Jersey, Ned Boulting (2012)

A tv presenter's amusing backstage view of the 2011 Tour


Racing Through The Dark, David Millar (2011)

A star is brought down by blood boosters, and then races clean in pursuit of redemption


The Chainbreaker Bike Book, Shelly Lynn Jackson and Ethan Clark (2008)

A punks' guide to puncture repair and more


Travel, A Literary History, Peter Whitfield (2011)

How we learned of humanity's discovery of the globe, delivered in an illuminating dash


The Lost Cyclist,
David V Herlihy (2010)

The engaging account of a nineteenth century adventurer who did not return to tell his tale


Tomorrow We Ride, Jean Bobet (2008)

A warm and illuminating memoir by a rider with unique access to the European stars of the 1950s



Roads To The North,
Charles S Brooks (1928)

A ride through the length of England, that sparkles in the retelling despite record rainfall


Cycling Home From Sibera, Rob Lilwall ( (2010)

An enjoyable account of crossing the frozen wastes aided by the Lord above


Three Bent Links, Jon Wyatt (2011)

Three enjoyable short stories taking cyclists as their subjects


Moods Of Future Joys, Alastair Humphreys (2007)

A young man sets off in search of adventure and brings back an enjoyable book


Lone traveller. One woman, two wheels and the World. Anne Mustoe (1998)

A former headmistress' second round-the-world cycling tour undertaken when she was 61. An undoubted feat, but leisurely done over a five-year period


The Boy Who Biked The World, Alastair Humpherys (2011)

Travelogue for ten year olds - the enjoyable story how dreams of adventure turn into reality, one pedal stroke at a time


Raleigh, Tony Hadland (2011)

An excellent one-volume history of the company that had a reasonable claim to having been the world's biggest and best cycle manufacturer


One Man's Furrow, Reg Gammon (1990)

Webb and Bower 0863503292 176pp £15.95

A charming collection of paintings, drawing and writing much of it born of cycling


Fat Man On A Bicycle, Tom Vernon (1982)

Fontana 0006365299 paperback 350pp £1.95

A gastronome's entertaining progress through France


Saturday Night And Sunday Morning, Karel Reisz (1960)

A gritty, compelling, 'kitchen sink' drama, featuring great bicycle factory footage


The Little Black Bottle, Gerry Moore (2011)

A lively account of one of cycling's most intriguing Victorian charecters


The Dancing Chain, Frank Berto (2010)

A technological and social history of the derailleaur that will entrance even techo-phobes



Cyclosportive, Chris Sidwells (2011)

Useful instruction for sportive newbies


Slaying The Badger, Richard Moore (2011)

Yellow Jersey 9780224082907 Paperback 296pp £12.99

A gripping account of the Tour's most extraordinary rivalry


Ride A Stage Of The Tour De France, Kristian Bauer (2011)

A practical guide to Tour climbs that is suffused with personal experience


Pedalare! Pedalare!, John Foot (2011)

A history of Italian cycling that is best enjoyed as a collection of essays


I Cycled Into The Arctic Circle, James Duthie (1957)

The moving account of a deaf mute's cycling tour through the Low Countries, Scandanavia to Lap Land


Escape Routes, Matt Carroll (2011)

Short cycle rides in England, seved up hipster-stylee


The Bicycle Book, Bella Bathurst (2011)

HarperPress 9780007305889 306pp Quarto £16.99

An entertaining collection of stories and reflections made all the more enjoyable by the deftness of the writing


Bicyle History - A Chronological Cycling History Of People, Races and Technology, James Witherell (2010)

Hours of entertainment from a cheery rattle-bag of cycling facts


Cyclepedia - A Tour Of Iconic Bicycle Designs, Michael Embacher (2011)

A fabulous compendium of bicycle designs masterfully photographed


Bicycles, Vintage People On Photo Postcards, Tom Phillips (2011)

A sepia-tinted journey into the age when Starley and Dunlop expanded everyman's horizons


Wheels Of Chance, HG Wells (1896)

Hoopdriver's quest for sun, sea and Sussex provides an illuminating entertainment


Bad Blood, Jeremy Whittle (2009)

The contamination of cycling's life blood, compellingly chronicled from the press enclosure


Winged Wheel, William Oakley (1977)

An insider's centenary history of the venerable club whose focus is committee meetings not club runs


On Roads, Joe Moran (2009)

An entertaining journey through the recent history of the UK's major roads


Life Cycles, Derek Frankowski and Ryan Gibb (2010)

A mountain bike film with stimulation for the soul as well as the adrenalin


The Unknown Tour De France, Les Woodland (2000)

The great race's backpages make an enjoyable read, even for Tour-book veterans


On Tour, Bradley Wiggins (2010)

Wiggo's 2010 Tour laid bare in words and pictures



Bicycle Technology, Rob van der Plas and Stuart Baird

The most enjoyable, accessible and comprehensive book on this subject in print


A Vagabond's Notebook, Kuklos (1908)

Our highways and byways a century ago by arguably Britain's most important cycling journalist



A Dog In A Hat, Joe Parkin (2008)

Drugs, deals and dissapointment in the late 1980s on the backroads of Flanders


Twelve Babies On A Bike, Dot May Dunn (2009)

A compelling memoire of life on a different kind of delivery bike in 1950s England


42 x 12 The Cult Of The Fixed, Patrick Potter (2010)

Hipsters on track bikes are given the coffee table treatment


Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook, Stephen Lord (2010)

An encyclopaedia of distance-touring wisdom that is as sound as it is savvy


My Road To Victory, Stephen Roche (1987)

A slight, but enjoyable celebration of a golden year


The Birth Of Dire, Frank Berto (2008)

An enjoyable and apparently definitive exploration of the mountain bike's paternity


They'll Never Catch You Now, Ralph Hurne (2007)

The randy roadman makes an ill-advised comeback


Chasing Legends, dir Jason Berry (2010)

A stunning feature length cinema documentary on the 2009 Tour


Major Taylor - second edition, Andrew Ritchie (2010)

A fabulously illustrated and enhanced edition of this biography of one of the most remarkable cyclists ever


Cyclopedia, William Fotheringham (2010)

From Abdu to Zimmerman and everything between


The Data Book, Noguchi (2010)

A treasure trove of design details


The Spring Classics, Phillippe Bouvet et at (2010)

A collection of pictures and essays celebrating cycling's great one-day races


The Kuklos Annual 1954, 1955 and 1956

A workaday compendium of annually updated information sold under the imprimatur of an estimable cycling writer


The Kuklos Papers, Fitzwater Wray (1927)

Collected pieces of journalism written between 1908 and 1927 by one of the most important cycling writers of his time


Bicycling 1874 A Textbook For Early Riders (1874 - republished 1970)

The manual for which WE Gladstone might have reached had he wished to apply pedaled propulsion to his premiership


Road Bike Maintainance, Guy Andrews (2007)

An excellent guide to maintaining racing bicycles of recent vintage


Lambada Country, Giles Whittell (1992)

An illuminating account of a ride from the Baltic to the Black sea as the red tide receded from eastern Europe


Bert Harris Of The Poly - A Cycling Legend, Dick Swann (1964)

A brief spin around the world of late Victorian velodromes in pursuit of one that that era's outstanding stars



It's All About The Bike, Robert Penn (2010)

An enjoyable spin through cycling history on the trail of the perfect bike


Cycling Touring Guides, Howard Briercliffe (1947 - 1950)

A series of guides to cycling in Britain from the baggy-shorts-and-saddlebags era


Lapize: Now There Was An Ace, Jean Bobet (2010)

A touching portrait of one of cycle racings pre-WW1 stars


Les Bikes Du Bois Rond, Gavin Turk (2010)

A jolly event-as-art piece in on bicycles around Essex and Suffolk


Bicycle, Helen Pidd (2010)

A newbies' guide to life on two wheels that is as fun as it is informative


Systematically And Mercilessly Realigning The World Of Cycling, Bike Snob NYC (2010)

The blogging sensation takes to paper with a heady shot of caustic comedy and common sense


We Were Young And Carefree, Laurent Fignon (2010)

An inteligent and poignant account of one of the 1980s most brilliantstars


100 Greatest Cycling Climbs, Simon Warren (2010)

A nicely executed gazetteer of tarmac ascents in the UK on which to perform pedalling heroics


The Peculiar Adventures Of Hector, Aardman animation (2007)

A stunning piece of animated story telling deployed as a children's road safety campaign


Only Mad Dogs And Englishwomen, Sarah Stinton (2010)

An enjoyable account of a young woman's solo LEJOG in 1997


Complete Medical Guide For Cyclists, Andy Pruitt (2006)

Just the prescription for wheeled worriers


In Pursuit Of Glory, Bradley Wiggins (2008)

A pedestrian account of a stellar career



Owd Tom, Albert Winstanley (1992)

A nicely illustrated celebration of cyclist that delivers a strong flavour of cycling in the 1920s and of the haunts of Lancashire cyclists of that era


Mark Beaumont speaker tour (2010)

Two epic rides recounted to make an entertaining evening out


Pilgrim's Road, Bettina Selby (1994)

Little Brown 0316906999 Quarto 212pp £16.99

An inspiring account of a spiritually enthused-pilgrimage undertaken in the early 90s


Map Addict, Mike Parker (2009)

British maps and their meanings entertainingly plotted across the contours of writer's own obsession with them


Britain By Bike, Jane Eastoe (2010)

Batsford 9781906388713 Octo 217pp £16.99

A 'celeb'-endorsed, tv-advertised, nostalgia-infused guide whose main appeal is a gift purchase


In Pursuit Of Stardom, Tony Hewson (2006)

Mousehold Press 1874739412 paperback 258pp £12.95

A joyous account of three Brits, an old ambulance and a lot of cycle races, that provides a dazzling insight in the Britain and France in the late 1950s


Cross Channel, Julian Barnes (1996)

A collection of short stories about Brits in France, one of which features a neophyte professional cyclist


The Joyous Wheel, James Arnold (1940)

A cycle-tourist's pen portraits of his excursions about rural Britain in the last glimmers of the pre-world war two sun


The CTC Guide To Family Cycling, Dan Joyce (2009)

James Pembrooke Publishing, 9780954817640 Full colour paperback 194pp £9.99

A sound and comprehensive distillation of everything needed to help a family pedal off


Blue River, Black Sea, Andrew Eames (2009)

The Danube from source to sea, largely by bike, recounted in a rewarding travelogue that is rich in historical contextualisation and cultural insight


The Sweetness At The Bottom Of The Pie, Alan Bradley (2009)

A arch and enquiring girl entertainingly pedals around a mid-century Cotswoldian scene solving dastardly crimes old and new


Push Yourself Just A Little Bit More, Johnny Green (2005)

A gonzo account of the 2003 Tour recounted in rock n' roll patois in which the race and results take a back seat to a rollercoaster back-stage view of the event


Brompton Bicycle, David Henshaw (2009)

An epistle to commuting's magic key that does its subject proud


Olympic Gangster - the legend of José Beyaert, Matt Rendell (2009)

A footnote in cycling's history is the connective tissue for a thrilling panorama of twentieth-century Columbia


Custom Bicycles, Christine Elliot and David Jabolinka (2009)

Images Publishing 9781864703139 Quarto 240pp £35

A sumptuously photographed catalogue of39 contemporary custom builders who build every kind of bicycle, from workshops around the developed world


The Hungry Cyclist, Tom Kevill-Davies (2009)

Collins 139780007278848 Paperback 368pp £7.99

A ride in 2006-7 from New York, across the US, then through Mexico, Central and South America to Rio in search of culinary delights, entertainingly, sometimes gruesomely, recounted


Golden Days Awheel, Albert Winstanley (1991)

Owl Books 0951433393 Paperback 134pp £7.95

A second collection of spirited touring reminiscences that are a fireside delight


Too True, Blake Morrison (1998)

Granta Pulications 1 862072426 Paperback 237pp £7.99

A collection of pieces by one of the UK's most poetic writers - worth seeking out for the short story and the article about cycling


Tour Climbs, Chris Sidwells (2008)

Collins 9780007315215 Quarto 256pp £18.99

A useful catalogue of the Tours Cols that falters before the summit


Bikie, Charlie Woods (2001)

Mainstream 1 84018 422 1 paperback 186pp £9.99

An enjoyable memoir of racing cycling in west London in the 1950s, with some perceptive essays on more recent cycle culture


Early Bicycles, Philip Sumner ill. Alan Osbahr (1966)

Hugh Evelyn 45 UK shillings

An enormously attractive large format book of detailed plates showing a dozen early bicycles, accompanied by a good, short history of cycles up to the early years of the twentieth century


Bicycle Diaries, David Byrne (2009)

Faber and Faber 9780571241026 Octo 300pp £14.99

A collection of reflections on cycling in cities, including Berlin, Istanbul, London and New York that contains interesting points amid a level of slight detail that will frustrate all but die-hard fans


Lance Armstrong My Comeback, Elizabeth Kreutz (2009)

Yellow Jersey 9780224083157 Quarto £20

A photographic record of Armstrong's 2009 season, that provides a more compelling portrait of the Texan than any of his biographies


The Full English, Mike Carden (2007)

Bike Ride Books 9780955660207 paperback 224pp £8.99

An eighteen-day ride from Dorset to Northumbria undertaken in 2006, entertainingly recounted with a sense of humour that will appeal to some, but is sufficiently deft that those who don't enjoy bike-and-rider dialogues should not be put off


Need For The Bike, Paul Fournel (tran Allan Stoekl), (2003)

University of Nebraska Press 0 8032 6909 9 small paperback 150pp $15

A selection of 500 - 800 word reflections on the author's passion for pedalling that forms a poetic and magical journey in to the heart of a cyclist


The Ultimate Cycle Route Planner (2009)

Excellent Books 978 1 901464214 Fold out map £8.95

A map of the UK showing cycling routes at a scale that would work for route-planning and tour selection


Three Men On The Bummel, Jerome K Jerome (1900)

Chilvers 0754032175 paperback 313pp

A series of very humorous incidents featuring the triumvirate who first came to life in Three Men In A Boat - this time hung, very loosely, on a cycling holiday in Germany


Around The World On A Bicycle, Thomas Stevens (1885)

Century Hutchinson (1988 edition) 0 7126 1917 8 409pp £5.95

An account of the first globe-encircling cycle ride that is so lively and fresh that its vintage is quickly forgotten


Mick Gambling On Cycling, Mick Gambling (1981)

Forest Publishing Paperback 66pp

Humorous articles depicting the life of a provincial tester originally published in Cycling (Weekly) in the preceding sixteen years.


The Golden Wheels of Albert Winstanley, Albert Winstanley (1985)

Countryside Publications 0 86157 162 2 Octo 120 pp

A delicious collection of articles, mainly describing day rides in north Lancashire and the Lake District


Journey Home, Jim Willis (2000)

Haley's 1 884540 43 0 Paperback 150pp $14.95

The interior monologue of a Church minister on a ride from Florida to Massachusetts that starts promisingly but is waylaid by a more personal psycho-drama


Cycling Facts And Feats, Jeremy Evans (1996)

Guinness Publishing 0 85112 677 4 Octo 192 £13.99

A surprising treasure trove of information packaged as an adolescent gift book


The Moulton Bicycle, Tony Hadland (1981)

Tony Hadland 0 950743 1119 156pp £10

A very readable account of the development and production of one of the greatest pieces of cycle engineering


The Frank Patterson Picture Book, complied Jim Willis (1978)

Cyclists Touring Club Quarto 100pp

A collection of 130 of the black-and-white line illustrations of Britain's most celebrated cycling draughtsmen - originally published in the CTC magazine from 1925 until Patterson's death in 1952


Sit Down, Pedal, Pedal, Stop And Stand Up, Dave Gorman (2009)

A stand up comedy tour being undertaken by bicycle, taking in the UK's extreme compass points and visiting around 30 venues


Mark Beaumont, The Man Who Cycled The World (2009)

Bantam Press, 9780593062333 Octo 418pp £13.99

An engaging account of a record breaking circumnavigation of the globe covering 18,297 miles in 194 days during 2007 - 2008


By Bike To Budapest, Elizabeth Hilton (1996)

Minerva Press 1 85863 965 4 Paperback 231pp £9.99

A ride from Denmark to Budapest undertaken by a family of six - the four children being aged from around 10 to 16 during the summer of 1994. The ride was more of a success than the book - although it would provide a useful primer for anyone planning a long ride with children 


England By Bicycle, Frederick Alderson (1974)

David and Charles 0 7153 6432 4 Octo 207pp £3.95

A description of a circumnavigation completed in the Spring of 1973 that while old fashioned in its scheme is surprisingly undated


Personal Best, Beryl Burton (1986)

Springfield Books 0 947655 12 3 Octo 182pp

The matter-of-fact autobiography of arguably Britain's greatest ever sportswoman


Fallen Angel - The Passion Of Fausto Coppi, William Fotheringham (2009)

Yellow Jersey 978022407476 Octo 283pp £16.99

A riveting biography that paints an engaging picture of post-war Italy and of the man considered by many to be the greatest racing cyclist of all time


Wide Eyed And Legless, Jeff Connor (1988)

Simon and Schuster 0 671 69937 7 paperback 212pp £5.95

A tabloid journalist travels with the only British team to enter the Tour de France in the past 40 years to provide a hilarious account of their disastrous participation in the 1987 event


Territorial Politics And Irish Cycling, Kevin Howard (2006)

Institute For British-Irish Studies 1649 0304 19pp

A fascinating pamphlet on the troubled story of the organisation of competitive cycling in Ireland


The Best Of Bicycling! ed Harley M Leete (1970)

Pocket Books 671 78534 6 paperback 465pp $1.95

Seventy eight articles culled from the US magazine Bicycling!'s late 1960s numbers that are as lively, fascinating and, horizon-expanding, as they were on original publication


Wonder Wheels, Eileen Sheridan (1956)

Nicholas Kaye Sexto 158pp

A charming, period piece of an autobiography by the dominant force in UK women's cycling during the early 1950s


Stamp Collecting For The Cyclist, Ronald F Sudbury (1981)

Harry Hayes Philatelic Study 0 905222 42 3 Octo 60pp

An illustrated catalogue of stamps issued between 1887 and 1979 that feature bicycles



Cycling Profile Road Book Of England (1919)

Cycling 7cm x 14cm 142pp

A pocket book providing distances, altitude profiles and notes on road surfaces, covering journeys between the principal destinations of the Kingdom


The Pop Up Tour De France, Pamela Pease (2009)

Paintbox Press 9780966943375 Folio 14pp $36

An imaginative introduction to the great race, with a sound text, and some fun - if not ground-breaking - paper engineering


The Bicycle - the complete BBC series, David Taylor (1990)

York Films/BBC six programmes of 20 minutes £15.99

A well-made and insightful series of television programs on all aspects of cycling


Johnny Ginger's Last Ride, Tom Fremantle (2000)

Pan Books 0 333 37692 6 paperback 464pp £7.99

A surprisingly enjoyable and insightful account of a twenty-something journalist's solo ride from the UK to Australia in 1996



Cycling Country Lanes & Byways (Suffolk), Al Churcher (2008)

Goldeneye 1 85965 132 1 folds out to 70cm x 48cm (double sided) £5.99

An attractively produced return of 'the cyclists' favourite' scale of maps that has much to recommend it but can be struggle for some route finding


100 Years Of Bicycle Posters, Jack Rennert (1973)

Hart-Davis MacGibbon 0 246 107774 X Folio 112pp £2.75

A fabulous collection of colour reproductions of cycling posters, mainly from the early years of the twentieth century, with a perceptive introduction and notes on each plate


The Amber Trail, Natasha Scott-Stokes (1993)

Weidenfield and Nicholson 0 297 81306 4 Octo 199 pp £17.99

A ride from Gdansk to Thessaloniki in 1992, initially intended to recreate the ancient route on which amber was transported, but better for its descriptions of some of eastern Europe shortly after the fall of the Berlin wall


The Bicycle Wheel, Jobst Brandt (1981)

Acocet 0 9607236 4 1 Octo 150pp $10.95

A treatise, nearly as elegant as its subject, that guides readers through the physics and engineering of this remarkable invention


Sloane's Complete Book Of Bicycling, Eugene A Sloane (1970 - 1995)

Fireside 0 671 86075 0 Octo 429pp £9.99

An encyclopaedic guide to bicycle buying, maintenance and use. Aimed at the new rider, it is rich in sound wisdom, if a little wearing in its determination to be comprehensive


Twelve Wheels From Turkey, Anne Vardy (1988)

Marshall, Morgan and Scott 0 551 01776 7 paperback 196pp £2.99

Vardy, her husband and five pre-teen children cycle from Istanbul back to Blighty in the spring and summer of 1987, in a journey partially propelled by the family's ever-visible Christian faith


Its Not About The Bike, Lance Armstrong (2000)

Yellow Jersey Press 0 224 06086 4 Octo 275pp £17

A massively successful account of Armstrong's life up to his first Tour victory that is as skilfully tailored to the cancer community and general market, as it is unsatisfying to a cycle enthusiast



The Golden Age Of Handbuilt Bicycles, Jan Heine and Jean-Pierre Praderes (2009)

Rizzoli International Publications
978 0 8478 3094 7 Quarto 168pp $50

A sumptuous photographic history of French touring bicycles manufactured between 1930 and 1950 that recounts a little-known period of cycling history and celebrates two-wheeled engineering at its most delightful


A Place To Cycle, Rob Penn (2005)

Conran Octopus 1 84091 391 7 Quarto 160 pp £16.99

A lavishly illustrated catalogue of 25 suggested 'amazing cycle tours' around the world that is as potently inspiring as it is practically threadbare


A Bike Ride, Anne Mustoe (1991)

Virgin Books 1 85227 337 2 Octo 250pp £14.99

The author gives up her job as headmistress of a girls boarding schools and spends 1987 and 1988 cycling around the world. Following the route of Alexander the Great, this rewarding travelogue is steeped in her enthusiasm for the classics


A Wheel Within A Wheel, Frances E Willard

A Wheel Within A Wheel, Frances E Willard (1895)

Fleming H Revel 1 55707 449 7 Paberback 75pp republished by Applewood Books

How a 53-year-old American suffragette learned to ride a bicycle against her own and societies’ expectations on the eve of the twentieth century


Its Not About The Tapas, Polly Evans

Its Not About The Tapas, Polly Evans (2003)

Bantam Books 0 553 81556 3 Paperback 301pp £6.99

An enjoyable account of a solo bicycle journey made around parts of Spain made (probably) in 2002. It would serve as a good primer to Spain but also have something for those who know the country well


Put Me Back On My Bike – In Search Of Tom Simpson, William Fotheringham

Put Me Back On My Bike – In Search Of Tom Simpson, William Fotheringham (2002)

Yellow Jersey Press 978 0224 08018 7 Paperback 254pp £8.99

An account of the life of the British star of 1960s cycling that raises the bar for cycling biography



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Our favourite books about cycle racing

Sweat of the Gods, Benjo Maso
• Rough Ride, Paul Kimmage
• The Rider, Tim Krabbbe
• The Escape Artist, Matt Seaton

Hard-to-find books to snap up if you see them

• Personal Best, Beryl Burton
• Into the Remote Places, Ian Hibell
• Eileen Sheridan, Wonder Wheels
• Wide Eyed And Legless, Jeff Connor

Contributors to this site

• Site editor, Tim Dawson is a cycling columnist on The Sunday Times (London) who lives in Suffolk
• Stephen Tydale-Biscoe is a former feature writer on The Yorkshire Post and an all-weather cyclist

• Pedalspinner works in cycle promotion and lives in Perthshire
• Araf Slow works in a bike shop in central London

Travelogue to lift your horizons

• Polly Evans, Its Not About The Tapas
• Into the Remote Places, Ian Hibell
• Bernard Magnoloux, Travels With Rosinante
• Dervla Murphy, Full Tilt

An amazing place to stay in the Scottish highlands

• In a wooded knoll between mountain and loch is a magical Edwardian timber house
• A two minute walk from a mainline railway station, it is in an area renowned for its on and off road cycling
• Dry, secure storage for up to a dozen bicycles is available